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Welcome to SensAsian Fare

Food is how we show our love!

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Japanese Katsu Curry

You might all have eaten Japanese Katsu Curry in Asian Restaurant before, but it is very easy to prepare at home as well, and a good...

Cantonese Fried Rice Noodle

This Fried Noodle dish is easy to make, taste delicious, and also a great way to use up your left over meat and veg from the Fridge, it...

Easy Dumplings and Miso Ramen

You only need 15 mins to prepare this Dumplings and Ramen at home, both adults and kids love eating them too! Wanna try today? My first...

Honey Chilli Crispy Beef

It is a popular dish in Chinese Restaurant, everyone love that sweet, mouth watering coating and the crispy texture, and it taste...

Thai Turkey Cake ( Patties)

In Thailand, you won't be able to walk pass a local area without seeing a Thai Fish Cake stall, Asian fish cake is very different with...

Tamarind Chicken

This Thai marinate is easy to prepare and we love the tangy and sweet flavour of it! you can mix the sauce to marinate the meat, or...

Beijing Style Leek And Pork Stir Fry

In the past, When winter was cold and snowy in the north and northwest of China ,nothing would grow in that time of the year, I remember...

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