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Cooking Class

For Groups and Corporations


Cooking Class for Team Building Event

Cooking is a fun way to relax and also a great time for your staffs to build relations outside work environment.

Want to have a team that really work like a team? Get them cooking!
Cooking together is one of the most powerful tools to motivate people. Our events are not just cookery demonstrations but everyone have chance to do hands-on cooking experiences, it is a perfect icebreaker bringing people together.
The best part of it and also the most rewarding part, is when your team can enjoy the meal they cooked, have a nice chat, chill and have a great evening!

Cooking Demo for Groups in your office

For the Health and Well Being

We Believe 'You are what you eat', in order to be healthy, eating well is fundamental! We all know Asian Food is healthy and good for the body, we understand you are all busy in work, when you go home you just want some nice food as soon as possible. In the Cooking Demo, we will show you how to prepare delicious Asian food, in a quick and simply way. Think about Thai Curry, Stir Fry, Noodles, Satay, Kung Po, all the name you can think of in the Take Away, we can make it healthier and tastier, in less than 30 mins!

In-Store Food Sampling

Catering for Groups and Parties

Relax and enjoy your party, we will look after your food!

SensAsian Food offers outstanding Asian Food for your group and party, we serve Gourmet Asian Salad, Hand Made Appetizers, Hot Food, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean! Let us help you to plan a wonderful meal for the special event!

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