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What We’re All About

Food and cooking was not my original profession, but rather a passion and love. My favourite activity when travelling is to find the local market sample some food and soak up the atmosphere. Since moving to Ireland, from Hong Kong, in 2005 I have found it difficult to locate authentic Asian Food that represents real Asian cuisine. I was unable to satisfy my craving for home cooked, well balanced food despite so much wonderful fresh produce available in Ireland. Especially when I discovered the English Market in Cork, where my husband originally from, I knew there was no better place to call home in Ireland. Cork has all the best things to offer, fantastic market in the city centre, beautiful countryside on the doorstep, amazing coastline around, and for a food lover like me, all the fresh produces from the land and sea in the market is just like a pure heaven.

After living and working in Cork for nearly 9 years and a long planning, I know it was time for me to start something I truly enjoy, I left my stable office job and started my new life in food business and out in the wind and rain ( sometimes sun) in the farmers markets. I created homemade cooking sauce, Asian dressing and Asian salad to test the market, they were so different with what people used to get here from the shops and restaurants. And customers love them. From then, I created more and more different food products and innovations including fermented food, a lot of Vegan food in Asian style based on our food culture and food wisdom. We believe ‘Food is Medicine, and you are what you eat.’ To eat right for the body and eat in season is so important for our health, when our body thrives we live a better life.

We created ‘SensAsian Food’ in Cork during 2015 initially in various Farmer's Markets because they provided an opportunity to test our products, customer tastes, market demands and also do market research of our products. Currently we have 2 regular trading spots, they are the Mahon Point Farmers Market, and SensAsian Fare on the Link Road in Ballincollig. In SensAsian fare we hope to create a "market-atmosphere" indoor, where you can be amazed by our range of products. We use Irish Produce from local farmers as much as possible, for spice and exotic items would be using a mix of country origin. But quality would be our priority.k

During the last 3 years of trading we have built up a large regular customer base that covers all demographics. We are established as a Friendly, Honest, Health Concerned and Fusion Brand that knows Asian Food very well. And we are known to provide Healthy, Delicious, Non-Processed, Homemade and High Quality Food for the people of Cork, that suits a wide range of dietary requirement and most of them are plant-based. But the most important thing is, our food is unique, well-balanced, and is always prepared with love.

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Unit 8b, Westpoint Business Park, Link Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland

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