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DInner Collection Package

Menu Change Each Week

As a busy mom myself, working, parenting, after-school activities taxi duty, housework, cooking, and another 1000 tasks queuing up everyday, no matter how multitasking we could be, it’s tiring, we’ve all been there! 

So someday I just want a delicious meal that’s is full of flavour yet good for the young and the grown up, to be ready for dinner and we can all enjoy! 

Base on this idea, we are starting on the service of dinner collecting for each Friday, it is simple, menu is small but would change each time, it includes homemade starters, main courses, and side dishes, all homemade, non processed and authentic Asian. 

Order them before 2pm and collect them from 4-6 when you are on the way home, dinner sorted so you have time to play with the kids, watch a movie together, or just to relax in the evening, how about that? Give us some feedback if you have any idea? 

And of course you don’t need to be parents to order them, they would be great for sharing with your buddies and love one! 

Example menu 1:

A Taste of Thailand 🇹🇭 

Our own homemade Thai Veg Spring Rolls x 4 ( contains Soy, Gluten)

Thai Red Curry x 1 ( Wheat free)

Cashew nut stir fry Chicken x 1 ( contains Soy, nut, Wheat, fish sauce)

Thai fried rice ( chicken or Veg) ( contains soy, wheat)

Boiled Rice x 1 

Garlic noodle x 1 ( contains Wheat, Soy)

Mix salad x 1 

Example Menu 2

A Taste of Japan 🇯🇵 

Homemade Dumplings (Meat) ( Gyoza) x 8

Teriyaki Chicken

Yakisoba noodles with Pork

Japanese curry Chicken ( sweet and mild)

Boiled Rice x 2

Pickle Ginger 

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