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Thai Panang Curry ( that creamy, spicy and morish Thai Curry)

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

No need to tell you again that it is my most favourite Thai Curry, it is sweet, spicy, aromatic and so fragrant at the same time, you can cook it ahead if you want to serve a bigger crowd for dinner

Thai Panang Curry

Serve 2 people Maeploy Panang Curry paste 1 tbsp Chaokoh Thai Coconut Milk 1 Can ( get the best quality coconut milk if possible to get the best result, you need real thick coconut cream) Chicken or Pork 300g, slice into thin pieces Bamboo shoot 1/2 small can Red pepper x 1, deseed and slice Palm sugar 1 tbsp Thai Fish sauce 1 tbsp Kaffir Lime leaves x 2 or 3 , slice them into really thin strips Fresh coriander a handful

Method: 1) In a hot wok or deep frying pan, heat up 1 tbsp of oil, add the curry paste and fry in medium heat for 1 -2 mins, let the spice and aroma release.

2) Then add a few tablespoons of the thick coconut cream in and mix well, continue to cook 1 or 2 mins, then add in your meat, cook and stir until they are half way cook.

3) Add the rest of the coconut milk, add the bamboo shoot and red pepper in, turn up the heat for a few minutes until they are all cook, quickly add in the fish sauce,palm sugar, kaffir lime, mix well and taste,

4) if you prefer you can season with a bit more fish sauce.

5) Remove from the wok and serve with some more Kaffir Lime Leave and coriander on top, with some steamed Thai Jasmine Rice it is a perfect meal!


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