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Chinese New Year 2022- the year of Tiger

The Chinese New Year will fall on the 1st of Feb Tuesday this year, to celebrate the Chinese New Year and welcome the year of Tiger, we are having a special Chinese New Year menu for that week.

During the Chinese New Year Eve and New Year, certain dishes are eaten for their symbolic meaning. Lucky food is served during the 16-day festival season, especially on Pre- New Year dinner on Lunar New Year's Eve, which is believed to bring good luck for the coming year.

The auspicious symbolism of these traditional Chinese New Year foods is based on their pronunciations or appearance. Not only do the dishes themselves matter, but also the preparation, and ways of serving and eating mean a lot.

As they all need special preparation so ordering 3 days before is a must! The dish below are all sharing portion so would be enough for at least 2 people sharing, and in this time of the year, plenty of food is necessary and it means there are excess and plenty for the rest of the year!

1) Buddha' s delight ( Lo Hon Jai) 羅漢齋


It is actually my most favourite dish for New year because it contains all many delicious vegetables like Shitaki mushroom, woodear mushroom, Chinese cabbage, Tofu Puffs and bean vercelli etc, when eating all the rich food in Chinese New Year, this dish is like an Oasis on the table!

A celebratory mixture of multiple ( 8 or more) vegetables, mushroom and plant protein sources ( bean-curd skin, bean-curd puffs) noodles, cooked in a flavorful sauce infused with Beancurd and soy based sauce.

2) Cantonese Garlic Tomato Tiger Prawn. ( Shell on) € 23

PRAWN in Chinese sound like 'Laughter ' we believe having Prawn for the New Year or the New Year Eve Dinner, will bring Happiness and Laughter in the household for the whole year.

We use Jumbo Tiger Prawn and cook them in a delicious Tomato Garlic sauce, it is slightly sweet and fingerlicking good!


Whole Pork Hock slow cooked in a sauce infused with Soy sauce, Star Aniseed and Shaoxing Rice Wine, the meat is super tender and in Chinese we believe it can bring windfall, well, who doesn't like it?

4) Pan Fried Chicken Gyoza 10 pcs with Dipping Sauce 煎餃子 € 11

5) Handmade Veg Spring Rolls € 10 for 4

6) Handmade Veg Samosa €10 for 4

7) Plum and Miso Baked Spare Ribs 高升排骨 € 18

Spareribs marinated in Gingery Plum and Miso Sauce, baked until soft and tender , Spare ribs is a popular dish for New Year because Kids and the grown-up all like to eat this sticky meaty ribs, and the ribs represents progressing in career and being promoted in work too!

8) Chinese Radish Cake 蘿蔔糕. € 10 for 6 slices fried.

It is a Cantonese Delight, and my Grandma and my mom specialist, my mom learnt how to make this from my dad's mom, and every year my brothers and me just want this so much she used to make a few tray just to feed my eldest brother alone!

This is a savoury pudding made with Mooli, Shitaki mushroom, dry shrimp and Chinese sausage. It is a very time consuming process, firstly grate and cook the mooli, then fried with all the ingredients, mix with rice flour and then steam for at least an hour. Can be eat on its own, but we like to slice and pan fry them to make them even tastier, eat with chilli oil or chilli sauce!

Please order at least 3 days ahead, available to collect on the 31 st Jan, 1st to 5th of Feb!

Please email or pm us to place order directly!

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