The Ultimate Stir Fry Essential Gift Set

Stir Fry is not just tasty, but also an amazing method to cook food, it's fast, nutritious and easy to prepare! However it requires some good method and good ingredients to create a perfect stir fry, here we prepare an ultimate combination for you, to cook your stir fry at home like a pro!


The Ultimate Stir Fry Essential Gift Set contains:


Thai Mushroom Vegetarian Sauce 700ml  

Golden Swan Blended Sesame Seed Oil 650ml

Pearl River Superior Ligh Soy Sauce 500ml

Shaoxing Cooking Wine 750ml

Pearl River Superior Dark Soy Sauce 500ml

Sweet Hoisin Sauce Squeeze Bottle 567g

LKK Chilli Bean Sauce

Thai Fragrant Jasmine Rice 1 kg

Wai Wai Rice Stick

Some fantastic recipes included




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