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The Sushi Chef Food Gift Set

The Sushi Chef Food Gift Set

Japanese Food is known for how healthy they are, but also super tasty and clean on taste!

This Deluxe Sushi Gift Set contains everything you need to make Maki Rolls and also include Miso Soup and Matcha Green tea for the perfect Japanese Meal!

Try to include everyone in the house to make sushi together! It is so much fun!


The Sushi Chef Food Gift Set Contains:


Shinode Sushi Rice 1 kg

Obento Sushi Seasoning 200ml x 1 bottle

Obento Mirin Seasoning 200ml  x 1 bottle

Hikari Instant Miso Soup with Tofu ( pack of 8)

Irish Carraig Fhada Kombu 1 pack

Sushi Nori 10 Sheet

Sushi Mat

Wagaya Pink Sushi Ginger

Pukka Mint Matcha Green Tea x 1 box

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