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The Deluxe Ottolenghi Cupboard - Food Gift Set

The Deluxe Ottolenghi Cupboard - Food Gift Set

This Wonderful Gift Set contains a lot of amazing products that would help all keen cooks to prepare many delicious and exotic meals.


If you like Middle Eastern Flavours, or are a fans of the most loved Chef Ottolenghi, you must get this hamper, our hand picked hamper contains all Ottolenghi pantry essentials, and many wonderful flavours that you cannot easily source. For any foodies, opening this Gift box would be like opening a Tresure Chest, full of exotic taste and colour, smell and spices, and our hamper even includes the most desired Belazu range of goodness; Rose Harissa, Preserved Lemons and Black Tapenade, let us bring you to experiance the taste of Middle East without a plane ticket!


The Deluxe Ottolenghi Cupboard - Food Gift Set includes:


Belazu Black Olive Tapenade

Belazu Preserved Lemons 

Belazu Rose Harissa

Fermented Black Garlic

Basra Date Syrup

Meridian Light Tahini

Sofra Ras El Hanout 100g

Sofra Black Lime Dried 50g

Sofra Barberry 120g

Green Cardamom 50g

Rose Petal Dry 25g 

Rose Water 190ml

Cortas Pomegranate Molasses 

Cortas Orange Blossom Water


You would be glad you get this!



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