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Sushi Nori 25g (10 sheets)

Sushi Nori 25g (10 sheets)

Nori seaweed is a sushi-making essential. These square sheets of roasted nori seaweed are ideal for making your own maki and hand-roll sushi, or temaki. The 20 x 20cm squares are strong and pliable with a salt-mineral, ocean taste.

What is nori?

Nori is a species of edible seaweed in the red algae genus. Descriptions of nori being eaten in Japan go as far back as the 8th century, when it was originally consumed as a paste. In 18th century Edo – present day Tokyo – people experimenting with Japanese paper-making techniques developed the nori sheet. This is now the most recognisable form of nori.

How do I use nori?

By far the most common way to use nori sheets is to make your own sushi! With a pack of nori sheets, a bamboo rolling mat and some Japanese sushi rice, there’s almost no limit to the sushi you can make.

The most common sushi is maki – small, bite-sized rolls, usually with only one or two fillings. Another popular type is called temaki, or hand-roll. These are cones of nori seaweed wrapped around sushi rice and fillings.

Another popular use for nori is to wrap onigiri – triangular shaped ‘rice balls’ that are a common takeaway snack in Japan. You can either completely wrap an onigiri in nori, or tear off one long strip to go around the outer edge. All nori sheets come with perforations to make this even easier.

Try passing the roasted sheets over an open flame to crisp the seaweed and crumble it over noodle dishes and salads as a textured, sea-scented garnish.

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