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Agave Nectar Mild (Organic)

Agave Nectar Mild (Organic)

Filtered for longer and runnier than honey, this is a light and mild version of Agave Syrup. A delicious alternative to sugar and alternative sweeteners with a low glycaemic index so it won't cause surges and drops in your blood sugar level. It is ideal for baking, on cereals deserts and fruit and in drinks sauces marinades fact wherever you fancy a little sweetness!


Agave [ah-gah-vay] Nectar is 25% sweeter than sugar, and you can add it to cereal, sauces, cakes, tea, coffee, soft drinks and more without tainting the taste.


Agave Nectar helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced so there are less buzzes and slumps. How? Well, here's the clever bit. Agave Nectar has an 76% fructose (fruit sugar) level.

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