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Nutwhey Peanut chocolate 500g

Nutwhey Peanut chocolate 500g

NUTWHEY PEANUT CHOCO is a delicious high-protein chocolate nut-flavored cream. Perfect as an addition to your favorite omelets or pancakes. Nutwhey also works brilliantly with rice waflami, fit desserts and baked goods. For every time you feel like something sweet you can reach for Nutwheel without any remorse. Imagine the taste of a thick cream that resembles a thick chocolate known and liked. That's what Nutwheels tastes like! If you try it once, it will stay in your diet permanently.

Peanuts are a rich source of vitamins E and B1, which improve the functions of the nervous system and the brain. Proteins support the construction of muscle mass, accelerate convalescence, regenerate damaged fibers and reduce appetite. Xylitol has a bactericidal effect, very slowly raises blood glucose levels, because its metabolism takes place almost without insulin, thanks to which it can be used by people with impaired glucose tolerance (type I and type II diabetes). The product does not contain palm oil. 

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