Mushroom paste with pumpkin seeds 180g

WA: LIVE is a delicious vegetable spread made from the highest quality ingredients from Polish producers. Mushrooms enriched with pumpkin seeds are a delicious combination of flavors. Our spread is an ideal ingredient for dry sandwiches and snacks. Deprived of artificial additives perfectly supplements the diet with valuable nutritional values.



32% champignon, boiled white bean, rapeseed oil, celery , boiled pumpkin 8.3%, sunflower seeds, water, dried onion, salt, natural apple juice concentrate, dried mushroom, dried garlic, pumpkin seeds 0.3%, black pepper .



Due to the place of packaging, it may contain: mustard, milk (including lactose ), soya and grain containing gluten .

The proposal to provide:

Paste is an ideal ingredient for dry sandwiches and snacks.


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