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Mae Ploy Chilli Paste in Oil 400g

Mae Ploy Chilli Paste in Oil 400g

Use this Mae Ploy chilli paste to give extra oomph to Thai soups and sauces, or even to liven up a toasted cheese sandwich. The soy, shrimp and fish sauce used in this chilli paste means it works particularly well in prawn tom yum soups. 

Made with shallots, cane sugar, chilli, tamarind and soy, this sauce is a mix of hot, sweet and sour flavours – a really versatile seasoning.

Mae Ploy’s range includes Thai curry pastes, sauces and condiments. The name is inspired by a fictional character, created by Kukrit Pramoj – writer, scholar and Thailand’s prime minister in 1976. In his stories, Mae Ploy is a strong-minded guardian of Thai culture and heritage. An appropriate name for this authentic brand of Thai flavours!

Ingredients: Shallot, water, cane sugar, soybean oil, garlic, dried red chilli, coconut sugar, tamarind, dried shrimp (crustaceans), shrimp paste (shrimp (crustaceans), salt), salt, fish sauce (anchovy), palm sugar. Allergens are listed in bold. 

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