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Delicious line pancakes 500g - Chocolate raspberry

Delicious line pancakes 500g - Chocolate raspberry

ALLNUTRITION PANCAKES PROTEIN is a product from which you can quickly and easily prepare delicious pancakes or waffles of the highest quality. It is an ideal supplement to reduction diets and support of the muscular system. 
The PANCAKES PROTEIN product has been enriched with whey protein concentrate. WPC is a protein of animal origin, obtained from whey produced in the production of cheese. The protein contributes to the construction and maintenance of lean muscle mass and accelerates post-workout regeneration. Whey protein is distinguished by one of the highest nutritional values. It has a high content of exogenous amino acids, that is, those that we must provide the body with food. In the whey protein there are also all BCAA branched amino acids (isoleucine, valine, leucine), especially needed by athletes, because they stimulate muscle regeneration after intense exercise and have anti-catabolic properties. 

An important component of this product is oatmeal, which among all cereals are not only the richest in protein, but also contain the best set of amino acids. Oats are rich in vitamin B6, B1, pantothenic acid, selenium and magnesium. Oats are also a valuable source of flavonoids that play a role similar to vitamins. Oat flakes are a valuable source of fiber. Compared to other cereals, oats contain the most fat, as much as 7%, but this fat due to its chemical composition is very valuable, because it contains the necessary unsaturated fatty acids, which the body can not produce. 

This product contains a small amount of sugar, sweetened with sucralose, which contains much less calories and is a much healthier replacement for sugar. 

ALLNUTRITION PANCAKES PROTEIN is a good alternative to a regular meal. This product is recommended to every person, especially people who want to increase protein intake and those who value a varied and healthy diet. 

Nutritional values __may vary slightly due to batches of raw material.

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