Dinner Collection Service for 2 people

Dinner Collection Service for 2 people

Schools are gradually starting again, well done to everyone, the kids, the parents, the grandparents, the frontlines workers, the teachers, finger crossed we are moving on towards a little more normal life.
For us, serving you good food and delicious taste is our priority, because good food makes people happy, Agree?
From this week, apart from our dinner collection, we are adding Individual Vietnamese Beef Pho, Handmade Wontons in our 'Food to go' for click and collect, so you can add extra Yummy food, and along with spring rolls, samosa.

This Weekend Dinner Collection: 5th/ 6th March

Order anytime online and collection (hot or cold) from 4-6pm
We have meal for family as below, and meal for two on website.

Sharing Platter:

Homemade Vietnamese Chicken Spring Rolls x 2. 
Homemade Thai Veg Spring Rolls x 1
(Above contains wheat, soy, sesame, and celery)
Sweet chilli dipping

Salad:  Vietnamese Salad with Peanut (GF, contain fish sauce)

Sharing Mains:  please select 2 from the Main.

1) Aromatic Panang Chicken Curry with Boiled Rice ( Contains fish sauce, gluten free) -Medium Spicy Creamy coconut curry, and so much taste in a mouthful! 

2) Satay Beef Stir Fry with Udon Noodle  ( Wheat, soy, peanut) - Tiny bit spicy but super moreish! 

3) Thai Fried Rice with Chicken, Prawn and Pineapple ( wheat, fish sauce, prawn) Delicious and Kids love it!

Vegan main: Japanese Curry with Shimji Mushroom and Tempeh, on Rice or Noodle.
Please ask for swap.

GIANT Double Chocolate Cookies 🍪 x 2
Some Fortune cookies too 🧧


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