Dinner Collection Service for 2 people

Weekend Vibes 🥰 Dinner Collection for 2 people This Friday and Saturday:


You are in for a treat, we are making the most delicious and juicy Hong Kong Char Siu Pork again,it is marinated over night to let all the flavours sink in and it turns tender and juicy! Order ahead strongly recommended!


Starters: All of below Thai Veg Spring Rolls x 1 ( Contains Wheat, Soy, Celery)

Vegan Samosa x 1 ( contains Wheat)

Small salad x 1. ( Contains soy, sesame, trace of wheat)


Main Course: Select 2 out of 3

1) Hong Kong Honey BBQ Char Siu Roast Pork with Vegetables. Serve with Garlic Noodle. ( soy, wheat)

2) Japanese Chicken Curry with Boiled Rice. ( mild spicy, contains wheat )

3) Spicy Black Bean Chicken with Boiled Rice . ( Contains soy, wheat)

** If you want Vegan Options please pm us we always have Vegab options, just ask to swap!


Treat: Chocolate cookies x 2 ( Contains Milk, Wheat, Egg, Nut)

Great for sharing between 2 people


Only €30, order online or pm us directly, Collect from 4-6pm

    Please choose the first main course
    Please choose the 2nd Main Course

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