Dinner Collection Service for 2 people

Dinner Collection Service for 2 people

It is definitely getting cold outside ❄, who fancy something yum and warming this weekend? ♨️🔥
We will do the delicious Thai Massamun Curry, creamy and warming! And so many people request for it!
Then we have Kung Po Chicken, strong and bold Sichuan Spicy flavour, also we will do a Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry in Oyster sauce, suitable for everyone!
We will also roll out our Hot Pot Package soon! Enjoy your Hot Pot 🔥 to cook at home and we get everything ready for you! 

This Weekend Dinner Collection: 4 th/ 5th Nov 

Order anytime online and collection from 4-6pm

Sharing Platter:
Home made Vegetable Thai Spring Rolls x 1 ( wheat, soy)
Home made Veg Samosa x 1 (wheat, vegan) 

Salad:  Vietnamese Salad with Peanut (GF, contain fish sauce) 

Sharing Mains: please choose 2 main

1) Thai Massamun Beef Curry with Rice ( Very Flavourful Thai Curry cooked with Coconut milk and peanut, contains fish sauce and peanut, Gluten free naturally) 

2) Spicy Kung Po Chicken with Rice ( Bold flavours from Sichuan contains Sichuan pepper, Soy, wheat and peanut) 

3) Chicken and Broccoli stir fry with oyster sauce. With Noodle ( Contains Soy, wheat, molluscs) 

Giant Chocolate Cookies x 2 

Only €32
    Please choose 2nd main course
    Please choose on below options:

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