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Asian Foodies Basket Gift Set

Asian Foodies Basket Gift Set

Our Asian Foodies Basket is the best gift for anyone who likes Asian Food.


It includes:

- Our Homemade Black BeanNutty Chilli Oil - For Dipping, Dumplings, Rice and Noodles, a spicy but delicious condiment.


- Our Homemade Irish Apple Sizzling Sauce - As a marinade, add into Stir Fry, Noodle, or simply use as Sizzling Sauce for Steak, Chicken or any Protein or Vegetables.


- Oriental Design Wooden Chopsticks set of 5 - A must for eating in style


- 10 inch Bamboo Steamer Lid and Bottom - a great size for using with wok, stock pot , steam dumplings, bao buns, fish, vegetable and also act as a beautiful central piece on the dinning table.


- Fortune Cookies - Everyone's favourite crack!


Our Sauce and Chilli Oil are all locally made in Cork, bursting with flavours and is a must for the pantry if you like Asian Food and Cooking. And a fantastic Gift for Christmas and Chinese New Year!


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