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(Vegan) Wild Garlic Pesto, the last call!

Not exactly Asian food but it is so good!

It is a bit late now but there are still a lot of Wild Garlic growing in the woods or possibly nearby you, if you can still get your hand on some, go ahead! Otherwise some Farmers Market would have them available too!

I made my Wild garlic pesto that with only 4 ingredient and it is absolutely delicious! You can use it over noodles, bread, as a dip or drizzle over vegetable or any dish really!

200g of wild garlic ( wash and pat dry) 1 cup of raw cashew nut 200 ml olive oil

dash of fresh lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste

Cut the Wild Garlic to shorter length, then put the wild garlic and cashew in the food processor, add a little oil at a time until you have the right consistency, squeeze in some lemon juice to the acidity you like, season with some salt and pepper. If it is too much to use within few days, freeze some of them in the ice cube tray so you would have some handy anytime! enjoy!!

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