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Gado Gado? What is this?

Gado Gado

Have you ever heard of Gado Gado? It means 'Mix Mix' in Indonesian, it is an amazing Indonesian salad made of some slightly blanched vegetables/ Fried Tofu and hard-boiled eggs served with a peanut sauce dressing. I first encountered 'Gado Gado' many many years ago in Bali, and deeply impressed by how a bowl of blanched vegetable could be transformed into something so seductive, just by adding some spicy peanut sauce!

It is an amazing main course because you can literally add any of your preferred vegetables as a base. Traditionally it is consisted of boiled potatoes, string beans, bean sprouts, spinach, chayote, bitter gourd and cabbage, with tofu, tempeh and hard-boiled eggs, then topped with the Spicy Peanut sauce and mix together when you eat. It is very nutritious because this meal would provide you all the protein, Carb and veg you need.

Why not try to make this as a light supper when the day is now getting brighter! For Sauce, I used 1 cups roasted unsalted peanuts 1 tsp. Indonesian shrimp paste ¼ cup grated palm sugar 3 cloves garlic, minced and fried 2 birdeye chilli, chopped ¾ cup unsweetened coconut milk 1 tbsp. taramind paste salt to taste

Put all the ingredients into a food processor until smooth, if you don't want to use shrimp paste, you can make it Vegan by omitting that and add some soy sauce to adjust the taste, this sauce should be nutty, creamy, little bit spicy, savoury and sweet at the same time. Enjoy!!

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