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Do you hate Tofu? Might be you just haven't got the right one yet!

In Hong Kong there are Tofu shops sell only Tofu and soya milk that produced by themselves. I used to love going in for a glass of cold soya milk or a sweet tofu dessert, something I really miss about home! 🤗 the proper Chinese Tofu is quite different with the long life Tofu that sell in the

Irish Supermarket. We love the soft, silky kind for steaming, cooking, the firmer one for braising and stew. And one of our favourite way is the golden fried soft Tofu, simply sliced and lightly salted, then swallow fry on both sides until golden and crispy! I made them for dinner tonight and I ate 5 big pieces before serving them, they are this good when cook right! Dipped them in my Korean Chilli 🌶 sauce and they are easy to cook and so delicious!

Give it a go next time because tofu is high in plant protein and when it is cooked right, they are delicious!

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