A sample of what's in store

SensAsianal Spring Rolls
Miso Soup Mix
Chilli Sauce
Deli - Salad Bar
Assorted Drinks
0% calorie sauce
Natural Sweeteners
Pomgrenate Molasses
Vegan cookies
Date molasses
Bamboo case candle - compostable gift item
Gift pack
Coconut Spread
Assorted Vegan Snacks
Umami paste (ginger and chilli)
Pukka herbal tea
Assorted nut and seed butters
Raw vegan energy cakes
Bamboo cup
Free from (gluten free) - assorted products
Natural Health Supplements
Home made salad
CBD oil
Various home made salads
Homemade spicy samosas
Canned chickpeas
Fresh Enoki mushrooms
Various Dumplings and Gyozas
Kataifi threaded pastry
Plant based food
Fortune cookies and Japanese Rice Crackers
Korean Ginseng & Citron Tea
Rice Crakers
Korean Rice Cake & Rice Stick (Tteokbokki)
Various Snacks incl. Seaweed puffs
Thai cooking sauces / curry paste
Vegan vegetable crisps
Homemade korean kimchi

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