The Korean Fans Food Gift Set

The Korean Fans Food Gift Set

You like K-Pop and K-drama ? So do we, but we like the K - food even more!

Korean food is so delicious and bold, spicy, sweet, pack with taste, and so hearty!

you can't go wrong with this amazing gift pack. You can create your taste of Korea at home, while watching your favourite K drama, enjoy!

The Korean Fans Food Gift Set includes:


Korean Ginseng Tea

Korean Toasted Seaweed 3 packs

Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen

Korean Black Bean Ramen

Ottogi Honey Citron Tea 500g

Red Pepper Paste ( Gochujang ) 500g

Dried Wakame Seaweed 35g

Korean Noodles Chewy and Thin

Korean Noodles Thick

Korean Sweet Potato Noodle

Korean Bulgogi Marinate sauce