SensAsian Picnic Box

SensAsian Picnic Box

Introducing our SensAsian Picnic box, all Irish and Local made, definitely delicious and authentic, they are great for sharing between 3-4 people, for your lunch, afternoon tea or a light evening tea, if the weather get nicer, eating them in the sun would be the best thing ever! 😊😊

SensAsian Picnic Box including:

Jumbo Gourmet Sausage Rolls x 2 
Handmade Veg Samosa x 2
Handmade Thai Spring Rolls x 2
Giant Chocolate Cookies x 2
Box of 4 Pure Raw Oaties x 1
Juicy Irish Mealagulla Apples x 4
Irish Mealagulla Apple Juice 700ml x 1

Only € 32 for all of above
Pre booking 1 day ahead is necessary.