Hot Pot Home Kit

Hot Pot Home Kit

HOT POT, originally from China, is a cooking method that having a simmering pot of soup stock at the dining table, containing a variety of Meat, Seafood, Vegetable and Noodle etc.


While the stock is simmering in the middle of the table, we would put in raw ingredient with Wooden Chopsticks, once the food is cooked, we use a ladle or hot pot sieve to take out the food, dip them into prepared Chilli sauce, or soy base dip, it is one of the most enjoyed dinner in Asia, you can find different variety of choices in different part of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and even Thailand.


To make it easier, we are going to do a Hot Pot Food Package for you, have all meat, Vegetable, Stock, Noodle, Rice and Dipping Sauce Ready for you, what you need is just a Table Top Cooker, you can either use a multcooker, Induction Cooker or Camping Gas Stove, once it is safe to use, with a pot and water, we would provide the rest!


Meal is suitable for 2-3 people sharing. Ingredients included:


Soup Base

Sliced Beef 400g

Firm Tofu

HandMade Wonton 10 Pcs

Fish Ball 6 pcs

King Prawn 10 pcs

Crab Mushroom

Park Choi or Chinese Leaves


Udon 2 pack

Cooked Rice 1 box

Homemade Garlic Soy, Sesame Oil Dipping sauce

Homemade Spicy Blackbean Nutty Chilli Oil


Only € 49.5


Order a day ahead, collection on the next day from 2 pm , Monday to Saturday, and enjoy you steamy, delicious Hot Pot in the comfort in your own home.

  • Important Note:

    Please be remind all the ingredients would be provided In Chilled and Frozen Status, so you can enjoy them at the time you are ready for your hotpot! 


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