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Dinner Collection for Family

Dinner Collection for Family

July Weekend Dinner Collection:

Pre-Order online and collection (hot or cold) from 4-6 pm

We have meals for 4 people as below, and,  meals for 2 on the website.

Starters 8 pcs

Thai Veg Spring rolls x 4 pcs (contains Wheat, soy, Celery)

Fried Chicken Gyoza x 4 pcs

(Contains wheat, soy, sesame)

Sweet chilli dipping

Salad: Vietnamese Salad with Peanut ( GF) ,Contains fish sauce)

Sharing Mains:

1) Thai Red Curry Chicken with Steamed Jasmine Rice

( Contains shrimp and fish, gluten free)

2) Korean sweet and spicy Chicken with Bao Bun x 3

( Contains Soy, Wheat, sesame)

3) Satay Beef Stir Fry with Garlic Noodle

( Contains Oyster sauce, soy and wheat,)

4) Garlic Noodle

Treat: 3 pcs of Moon Cake mixed flavours and Fortune Cookies , we usually cut the moon cake into 8 slices or 4 quarter slices, for sharing with cup of tea!

Traditional Moon Cake with Egg Yolk and Lotus Bean Paste x 1 pcs ( Wheat, egg, milk)

Modern Lava Custard Moon Cake x 1 pcs ( Wheat, egg. Milk)

Modern Lava Chocolate Moon Cake x 1 pcs

Some Fortune cookies too ( Wheat)

Only €59.95

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