Dinner Collection for Family

Dinner Collection for Family

We are doing some Spice Bag Chicken ( they really are just Cantonese salt & Pepper 😁 but with a trendy name ) this week, who is the fans of it? 
Dinner Collection this Friday/Saturday 30th/1 st May
Order anytime online and collection (hot or cold) from 4-6pm
We have meal for family as below, and meal for two on website. 

Sharing Platter 4 pcs:
Handmade Veg Samosa x 2
Vietnamese Chinese Soring Rolls x 2
(Above contains wheat, soy, )
Sweet chilli dipping 

Salad:  Vietnamese Salad with Peanut (GF, contain fish sauce) 

Sharing Mains: 

1) Spice Bag Chicken with Boiled Jasmine Rice ( Soy, Wheat) 

1) Hoison Chicken Stir Fry with Boiled Jasmine Rice (Aromatic and mild) 

2) Singapore Fried Rice Noodle with Beef ( mild Curry flavour Rice Noodle) 

Chocolate Brownies x 4
Some Fortune cookies too 🧧 

Only €52.95